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The 3rd WFDA is to get the fashion producers’ efforts-of-the-years well acknowledged and recognised by the industry and showcase their abilities to design to the senior executives of the buying offices who are delegates of the two-day PSF.  The WFDA will act as a springboard for future business collaboration.  Other advantages include: -

・To promote the latest collection of the designed products

・To generate possible leads through interaction with judges and other participants

・To mingle with decision makers over the two-day Forum

・To acquire industry updates and the wisdom of speakers through discussions at PSF

Who should participate in WFDA?

Fashion producers from the global supply chain are welcomed to participate in this international Award and Competition.


As buying offices will contact producers to place orders of any appropriate fashion items found during the two-day Award Ceremony, competition registration will be in the name of the producers’ organisations for easy operation.  Nonetheless, young designers from fashion institutions and universities are encouraged to work with producers to apply for the competition, or to contact their institutes or universities for pairing with producers.


Each application is indeed collaboration between fashion producers and designers.



Participating companies are categorised into two main groups according to their designers’ working experience: 

・Student group: Designers are under/post-graduates with maximum two (2) years’ working experience

・Open group: Designers have more than two (2) years’ working experience in fashion design


Competition categories

Participating items will be classified into the following: 

fashionCHIC:   Contemporary fashion

fashionCLUE:  Solutions for fashion production or supply chain

fashionDECO:  Fashion accessories, including footwear or carrying items

fashionKIDS:    Fashion for our future

fashionTECH:   Fashion in wearable technology


Awards for each of the above categories under each group will be presented to winning companies at the 13th Prime Source Forum which will run concurrently with WFDA2018 for two days, with the following selection criteria: 

20%    Aesthetic

20%    Functionality

20%    Innovation

20%    Sustainability

20%    Commercialisation


Special awards will be given to winners who receive the highest scores of the above criteria.


In addition to the above awards, an Ultimate Winner of the Competition will be presented to the company that wins the most awards overall.  A special award, Country of the Year, will also be given to the country representative in recognition of the best efforts and keenest participation of the country represented.


Panel of judges

Renowned designers, chief editors of fashion magazines, senior executives of sourcing and product development departments of fashion brands and retailers will be invited to judge.


The judge list for WFDA2018 will be announced September 2017.  Click here to find out who the 2016-2017 judges were.


Prizes and award ceremony

No one will know who the winning companies are until the announcements are made!  Representatives of the participating companies, designers, product developers or owners, are expected to attend the two-day Prime Source Forum (PSF), as the awards will only be announced in the Award Ceremony on these two days, in March in Hong Kong.


The winning/finalist companies will receive the following complimentary promotion and networking opportunities at PSF2018:

・Admission of two (2) senior executives to the two-day Forum, coffee breaks, luncheons and cocktail reception

Showcase of the participating items at PSF2018 foyer* for two (2) days

Accommodation in Hong Kong (for applicants coming from overseas)

Announcement of winning items by the Master of Ceremony

Awards presented by the judges and VIPs on stage (for winners only)

・Cash prizes presented by sponsor(s) and judge(s) (optional)

Possible interview(s) arranged by multinational media or trade press (for winners only)


* The foyer of PSF2018 is open to all registered delegates in two days.  Delegates include decision makers of multinational buying offices, manufacturers and other suppliers. Click here for more details of the delegate profiles.


Protection of IP right

The Organiser will collaborate with a legal firm to ensure the protection of the intellectual property right of the participating companies.  The representative(s) of the legal firm will be present at the two-day PSF.

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